Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Carney Rehabilitation & Developmental Services, we offer a wide rage of physical therapy services tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

Physical Therapists (PTs) use a variety of treatments to help build foundational strength, improve movement, coordination.  Physical Therapy treatments help a child grow, play, and interact with their environment and peers.  Physical Therapy treatments assist in recovery of a surgery or injury to improving overall health and wellness. Examples include:


Improving muscle strength, endurance, timing, and coordination

Improved Posture

Evaluating and treating the muscles and joints around the spine that aide it to sit up straighter or stand taller


PTs are trained to recommend equipment such as a walker, wheelchair, splint, or device to help a child succeed in school and with development.  PTs work with physicians, medical device representatives, and orthotists (orthotic and equipment specialists) to help a child get the right device for him/her.  For example, an orthotist and physical therapist can help get the right shoe to treat flat feet.


Moving and training the body to quickly respond and avoid a fall

Gross Motor Development

Achieving early developmental milestones from crawling to jumping jacks

Gait Training

Learning or re-learning how to walk independent of equipment or learning how to use equipment to walk

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